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In the spring of 2022, I was approached by the Californian publisher, Rocky Nook Books, to write a teaching book about my style of Architecture Illustration. Since then, I have been busy working and putting my heart and soul into this project to create a book I am proud of for everyone to learn from. My book will guide you step by step through the entire drawing process that I use on a daily basis.


To pre order the book direct from Rocky Nook Books
(*for dispatch in March/April 2024) 

It is also available from Amazon and all major book outlets.

The digital download version is available to purchase now!

The physical hard copy will be first released in US on 19th March 2024, then Worldwide from 19th April 2024

You will learn:


How best to set up your workspace, and the materials you'll need.

The importance of building a photo reference library and choosing good images to work from Three methods to use for transferring a reference photo to paper for the initial drawing (using a grid, drawing freehand, and a measuring method).

Techniques for achieving realistic tone, value, texture, shadow, and light in your drawings.


How to add layer upon layer of colour, lines, details, and highlights to create works that leap off the paper with exciting dimensionality and life.

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