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Venice with gold leaf in progress

My work is realistic and representational and finely depicts both local and international architecture, magnifying some of the world's most timeless places.

I have always been creative and initially trained as a graphic designer. In later years I taught myself to paint then moved onto drawing in my current style. I have exhibited extensively and sold work across the world. A small village in West Berkshire, UK. is home and I work from my home studio at the end of my garden.

The city of Oxford is nearby, as are the Cotswolds and Blenheim Palace which often feature in my work. I gain most of my ideas and inspiration from visiting my favourite places and whilst travelling. I am fascinated with Venice and it's ornate Venetian-Gothic architecture.

I use a variety of different mediums for my detailed drawings including, ink pen, pencils, watercolours and gold leaf on fine art paper. Each artwork takes many dedicated hours to create as I build layers of colour to achieve the desired effect.


Limited edition and hand embellished giclee prints are available to buy from my website shop and some original artwork is available too.

I have a growing following on Instagram where I share many details of my working process and the creation of an artwork if you are interested to learn more.

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